Sea Star Swim School offers a wide variety of aquatic programming for children of all ages. Initially, all students should enroll in our regular swim school quarter for once weekly swim lessons. Once students learn basic survival skills in the water, our focus turns to teaching the competitive strokes. The goal is to help each student develop proper technique and fluid mechanics of each stroke. Students will develop a comprehensive skill set that will enhance confidence, whether they pursue competitive swimming or simply want to enjoy lap swimming as a future option for exercise.

Swim School:

If your child is three or older, our swim school will float him/her to new levels of confidence in the water! With small teacher to student ratios and year round classes, we guarantee quality lessons from certified teachers. Classes are arranged on the “Quarter” system (Spring, Summer, Fall, Holiday, and Winter), and a quarter lasts from 8 – 10 weeks. Each class meets once a week. Enroll now and ensure that your child will have a foundation of self-assurance and proper stroke technique that will lead to years of pleasure in any aquatic environment.

Sea Star’s Mission Statement is to: “Provide Excellence in Aquatic Education.” Our learn to swim program is designed to offer convenience to our customers that enables them to arrange a lesson time that fits into their schedule. We group children by ages and then try to teach them according to their ability level. At the same time, we want to see continued progress with each individual student.

Beginner Swim:   This is our entry level swim class.   Children will learn survival and fundamental swim skills, while building confidence and competence.   The eventual goal for this class is to pass the “I Can Swim in the Deep End” test.   Because each child is different in their learning patterns, this class should be repeated until the skill set is mastered and the teacher suggests moving to the next level.

Lap Swim: For our swimmers who have demonstrated competence in the freestyle stroke and side breathing.

Little Flippers: “Little Flippers” classes are designed as a stepping stone between swim lessons and swim team. Continued skill development and increased fitness is achieved in these sessions as the “coach” is in the water with the students. This environment allows more “hands on” correction of stroke technique while swimmers are working on lap swimming. The class moves a little more quickly than a normal swim lesson, but slower than the swim team. Different games are incorporated that help develop feel, balance, and propulsion through the water. Additionally, games that incorporate the use of the pool edge help our young swimmers develop coordination and upper body strength. See the “New Student Information” section or the Pro Shop page for a list of equipment necessary for this class.

Barracudas: A slightly more advanced version of our “Little Flippers” class. This workout lasts for an hour and is designed to be the “step” before the swim team.

Stroke and Conditioning:  The most advanced of our swim school classes, this class serves several distinct groups:   the older child who wants to join the swim team and needs a “transition” class to be sure skills are ready; the swimmer who is on a swim team, but has difficulty in some area, like a touch or a turn; and the swimmer who is older than our “Barracuda” age children, who wants to continue to swim for fitness but does not want to join the team.